What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in starts at 15:00. Please check-out by 10:00 the following morning.
When is the final time for check-in?
The last serving time for dinner is 19:00. If you arrive after that time, your dinner will be in the first floor izakaya (Japanese style bar), “Haruki chaya”. The last order at this bar is 23:00.
Is it possible to extend the check-out time?
Yes. A 1 hour extension for 1 room costs 2,200 JPY (including tax). The maximum extension is until 12:00.
Are there any rooms or other locations in the hotel with internet access?
Wi-Fi is available in the 1F lobby, café area, and guest rooms.
※ There are no Wi-Fi or LAN equipped PCs or tablets available at the hotel.
※ Depending on your location in the building and network traffic, connection speed may slow down or you may have difficulties connecting.
Are there non-smoking rooms available?
No. All rooms are smoking rooms. However, all rooms come with an air purifier.
Are there wheelchair accessible facilities?
Yes. There are three barrier-free rooms available. There are also rental wheelchairs available on site, so please feel free to use them.

Reservations and Fees

Is it possible to pay by credit card?
We accept credit card payment from certain companies, but we do not accept debit card payment. The calculation of your fee may change depending on credit card use with certain reservation package plans, so please check when you make your reservation. Additionally, we accept JCB, Visa, and Nice Stay gift cards. We do not accept Nice Trip and other gift cards at our facilities.
Until when is it possible to make a reservation?
As long as there are available rooms, a same day reservation is possible. Please note that the reservation package plans may be limited.
Can I use digital wallet, mobile, or electronic payment services?
We appologize for any inconveniences, but the hotel does not accept these types of payments.
What are the room rates for children and infants?
Infants age 0-1 years old that do not require a meal or a bed are free. There is a 1,100 yen (tax included) facility usage fee for children 2-5 years old that do not require a meal or bed.
There are times there is a special price charged for children 6 years and older, for 1 night lodging and two meals.
Also, the following may be purchased on the day of if requested:
Bedding only - 3,300 yen (tax included)
Children's breakfast - 1,650 yen (tax included)
Children's dinner - 3,850 yen (tax included)
Special meal requests for rice omlete, hamburger steak, udon or similar items can also be made.
Is a reservation fee required?
All payment is calculated and made at check-out. In the case of same day reservation, the reservation fee is needed at check-in.
Is there a cancelation fee and from how many days in advance is it required?
Cancelation fees are determined by the reservation site you use, so please check your website of choice [Jalan, Rakuten Travel, Booking.com, agoda, etc.]


Where and when will meals be served?
According to your reservation package plan and the number of people, we will prepare a dining area. At night, dinner is served in your room, private rooms, and banquet halls starting from 18:00. The last start time for dinner is 19:00. If you would like dinner after 19:00 please use the first floor izakaya "Haruki chaya". In the morning, there is a breakfast hall or you can eat in the same location as dinner. There are no reservations for breakfast and the breakfast hall opens at 7:00. The last order for breakfast is 9:00 and you can start breakfast any time from 7:00 to 9:00.
Is it possible to make food requests?
Yes. We can make accommodations for customers, but because of the time needed to make food preparations, please let us know at least 2 days in advance. Also note that there may be an additional fee required.
Is it possible to make food changes for food allergies?
Yes. Please inform us of any food allergies or restrictions when you make your reservation.


What is the nearest train station?
JR Hamasaka station is the closest station (a 25 minute bus ride away)
Is there a shuttle bus service? How much is it? Is a reservation required?
Yes, there is a shuttle bus from/to JR Ebara station. It is free. Yes, a reservation is required.
There is a shuttle bus from Tottori Station that even single travelers can use. If you wish to use this service, please make reservations for the shuttle at least 3 days in advance and request the "JR Tottori Station free pick-up bus". Note, if the shuttle is fully booked you might not be able to reserve a seat.
Is there parking available? Is it free?
Yes, there is free parking. There are 120 spaces.


When we enter onsen, what do we need to take in with us?
You need a towel and change of clothes.
Please explain how to enter onsen.
Please check the "How to Enter Onsen" section of our website.
Are there private baths available?
Yes, we have two rental baths.
Is the onsen at the ryokan a natural hot spring bath?
Yes, it is a natural hot spring bath.


Is there a baggage check available before check-in or after check-out? Is there a vallet service?
Yes, there is.